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Regular safety railings

Steel railing wooden covering BP T40 4MS2

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Wooden guardrail, Model: T40 4M S2 level N2 – class W4

From: TERTU France Rated by: Scenic rail steel with wood cladding semicircular

Doppelt sample guardrail Super Rail Eco – class W4

Made: Pass + Co Rail characteristics: Bilateral steel rail, two-story low, based

Novo-type guardrail made PASS Rail 4.00 + CO – class W4

4.00 NOVORAIL rail is one-sided steel railing, one-story, made up

ESP steel railing PLUS W1 – class W1

Made by: PASS + CO Features Key features: Single steel beam rail

ESP 2.00 – class W5

Permanent guardrail to N2 Model ESP 2.00 Made: Pass + Co Features Key

DDSP 4.00 – class W6

Made: Pass + Co Features Key features: Bilateral rail single steel beam

SUPER RAIL ES 1.00 – class W2

One-sided steel rail, going to N2, H1 Made by: PASS +


One-sided rail height 80 cm, width 45 cm, denser pages

Wooden covering steel railing installed on concrete

Wooden covering steel railing installed on concrete (Bridge parapet) Higher

Krembarrier B RH2 A

One-sided steel rail, going to H2. Made by: Voest Alpine

KREMSBARRIER 3RH4 stabbed ground steel railing – class W4

Steel railing installed KREMSBARRIER 3 RH4 stabbed the ground One-sided

KREMSBARRIER 3RH2 stabbed ground steel railing

Steel railing installed KREMSBARRIER 3RH2 stabbed the ground One-sided steel


STEP - concrete guardrail to H2 · Concrete symmetrical rail 30

MAXI RAIL – class W7

Two-story steel railing high distances, supports all 1.33 m Made by:

T40 4M S2 – class N2W3/H2W4

T40-4M S2- scenic rail steel with wooden cover and remove

Super Rail – class W4

SUPER RAIL- rail steel beams is two stories high, is