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Traffic signs

Supply and installation of fixed and mobile safety railings steel and concrete

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Road marking

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Sealing cracks

Asphalt cracks and fractures caused by sunlight and moisture. The sun causes oxidation of asphalt, and moisture causes contraction of composite material that creates leading to the formation of cracks. As the problem will be handled more quickly, so avoid unnecessary waste of time and money. Sealing cracks actually prevents a situation

Road washing high water pressure

Portable machine washing road maintenance Cbishim- high water pressure Renewal of road surface texture (micro and macro) Removing contaminants and cleaning the face of pavement Roads, surface roughness Remove rubber scraps landing and race tracks Removing paint marks transport routes Removal of damaged coating to prevent slipping Cleaning Compounds spaces "quiet asphalt" (Porous Asphalt) Preparation for the distribution

Arrow carts

Made by: R & D Sicurezza Italy Flashing Mobile Panel sizes and 220X360 250X170 cm cm 2 lights diameter 30 cm diameter and 24 lights 20 S"m- Kolmam source Aodiodot. Reflective Sheeting Mikrofrizmtiot Class 3Features Key features: Mark flashing folding table mounted on a trailer. Contains 2 flashlights with diameter 30 cm and 24 147